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Like royal drink

A lot of people from childhood heard the story of the prince and princess grew up, many mortals have had to "live like royalty" dream, this dream can not be achieved, but "like a royal drink" can be considered small small dreams.

Custom cuvee embodies the noble status

The 18th and 19th century European high society is a full carnival and feast era. Of prosperity and economic achievements of the the the elegant royal nobles who plump lifestyle, to France, the British royal family as a starting point, and gradually spread to the European countries. Europe was as if a French art of living promenade, prince, writer, painter, musician and chef are gathered in the royal castle, enjoy carnival elegant manner. Wine is undoubtedly the most important role in this carnival drama. The core of the traditional culture has always been inseparable from the royal culture originated in the royal wine culture in particular. Wine, the rise in the palace, and rich in folk, aristocratic luxury since the date of birth of the wine they drink. Been the Royal Cultural profound impact in the development of the wine culture, Wine Set, Wine Accessories, Wine Decanter, wine ceremony and wine customs everywhere the shadow of the Royal.

In order to highlight the honor, the royal family has been popular in the custom cuvee way reflect the overweening position specifically for. Yearning and pursuit of the civil court demeanor never stopped. People find ways to share Royal Jane stuffed a taste of human nectar desire at all costs. Ultimately, this top-down guidance with bottom-up follow suit jointly write a symphony of wine.

Three types of royal wine each with its own range of children "

Like British gentleman, royal drinking is generally divided into three categories, aperitif, wine and dessert wine meal.

Aperitif about before a meal for about 30 minutes drinking the men drink aperitif generally martini (Martini), men can not drink too generally opt for cocktails; Ms. general drink sherry (Sherry). Meal wine during a meal, drink, and equipped specifically as a main dish. Red wine with red meat, drink, such as beef, lamb, pork, usually with red wine, white wine with white meat, drink, such as seafood, fish, chicken with white wine to drink taste more. In general, go to the royal feast guest, meals suitable wine to drink three cups. Dessert wine brandy, can hand heart warm cup so that the cup wine more mellow taste exudes.

It is worth mentioning that, there will be a wine-tasting drink meal wine before the ceremony. Wine master by the attendants to the front side to show visitors side say the brand and year of production of the wine, while the first pour a quarter cup to master. Owner first Juzhaojiubei appreciate the color of the wine, then a deep sniff the aroma of the wine in the glass on the nose, and a small sip containing taste in the mouth taste wine, can issue a "wine like sincere praise , then nodded to show the attendants to the guests pouring and drinking prelude to thank everyone for coming "opened.

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