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Wine wine industry of the law of the jungle

Since 2007, China's wine industry, the average annual rate of 30 percent rapid development has ushered in the golden age expect. As the supporting industries of wine wine with industry also began to perform in the ups and downs of the "survival of the fittest" law of the jungle.

Ironically, with the wine of fake and shoddy pretend good chaos, wine with the industry eco Piaoman speculators figure also feel pressure to survive, but the strength of the brand such as the British Grand Sri Lanka. British Grand Sri Lanka seems to know, the volatility of the market is also herald new opportunities, market structure adjustment to withstand pressure, the tenacious survival or even anti-corporate defensive to the offensive is king on the market in the future. Thus, the British MG, assess the situation and start a new campaign of his king journey.

Throughout the years of development, the wine industry presented ecology can be roughly divided into the following three: Own product design and manufacturing capabilities, and operate independently its own brand Such enterprises due to their own product design and R & D team, and have sufficient manufacturing capacity, and thus the product to keep innovation and leading position in the market.

Such as the British MG Sri Lanka wine with rigorous advanced the concept of the development team, not only bear the the British Jazz Sri Lanka within the system product development, new wine research and development as well as the assessment process is also well-known brand in the world the Zwilling, WMF, as well as BOJ. Second, there is no R & D but our own manufacturing capabilities, and does not pay attention to the operation of the brand Mentioned as on the type of business is not their own R & D capabilities, basically looking for some other stores selling products in the market, and then to imitation, and the absence of their own brand or simply do not pay attention to the brand operation, so , the quality of the materials used by the product and the production process is relatively low.

Therefore, despite imitate, but the quality was compromised. These products at a low price to get customers, many customers do not understand that the secret. Relative of the wine industry, these products should have lost the culture and significance. (3), without any design and manufacturing capabilities, and simple operation of the brand This type of brand in the market, many numbers, and even began to flood, including some of the brand in the market has made some gimmick. These brands are just using asymmetric information to earn some quick money.

These trade-brand, due to a reluctance to allow customers to find the identity of their own trade, the general will own packaging imaging above about a class of business. Some of the basic practices of these companies is to the above-mentioned two types of enterprises wholesale products, and then freely combined into a variety of suits available to the customer. They focus on the image of the packaging, and even to imitate someone else's packaging design, the only lack is the upgrade product.

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