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To five unwanted wine tasting tools

In the world, not a culture like wine wine lovers made increasingly complex, more and more astray. The wine is so simple drinks, it's just fermented grape juice in the cup after.

Paradoxically, but has become more difficult with the winemaking methods in centuries of continuous improvement to meet the need to open a bottle of Wine Opener, service, analysis. Take Opener For example, the Opener types of hundreds or even thousands in today, but the role played by some high-tech Opener and degree of difficulty when you open a bottle of it and basic wine bottle opener is no different. Many simple pleasure of drinking wine trying to become more and more difficult to achieve something, in fact, only the so-called capacity and technology.

Become absurd tasting at the same time, they take away the original simple, get rid of the should be happy. Sabotage gadgets are what? Five wine gadget, they really are a bit silly: 1 Wine bars Not shake the cup of wine, but a glass rod inserted in the glass or decanter, use it to stir the wine. In two or three minutes, it can achieve the same effect and sloshing wine glass. The buy alcohol Stick also comes with a pack of elves powder, is the kind of Caesar at the head of the person seems to be the kind of things that make people fly. It will cost you 325-525 U.S. dollars. 2 wine stirrer No different from the role played by it and wine bars, as well as shaking glasses.

Ad say "easy to clean, can be used to mix drinks and stir everything needs to stir things." 3. Electronic tongue For those of you lazy and friends, this would be a great gift. Though it may be in the laboratory or police polygraph room will have their place, but it is still hard to understand why most people will need this tool. Although this sensor can sniff out such as acidity, sugar and the taste of alcohol, can also determine the degree of aging of the wine and grape varieties, it was pretty cool, but we can not own tongue little training to do these things? 4. Electronic wine aging / ultrasonic wine aging This is a tool such as cattle prod. It was immersed in the wine, then the vibration to aging wine. Despite some evidence to suggest that it may be effective, or at least played a modest equivalent to the role of the cellar, but for most of those who are today produced will be timely for consumers drank wine, it seems useless. The ultrasonic wine aging is a barrel, the the sloshing wine inside the atoms until they mature sense.

This is really strange, but what practical? 5. The Clef du Vin This is kind of a terrible tool like Terminator guitar, said to be able to rapidly maturing young wine. This particular synthetic metal was immersed in a second wine glasses, the equivalent year aging of the wine. Although the science behind this tool makes it seems difficult to argue, but wait a minute, in the end this sort of scientific? For wine, the most meaningful thing is to drink more, the more you will realize that you need a wine glass, a bottle opener and one or two friends.

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